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mr. and mrs. easter bunny

yesterday cam and i rather hastily assembled easter baskets for the kids.

it wasn't so much that i forgot--it was more that i thought it wasn't necessary. (yeah, i'm lame.)

so cam brought up the old baskets up from under the house and made a target run. my mom and i went to the 99-cent store for some plastic grass and assorted gimcracks.

we put the baskets together before we went to bed, and cam hid them.

the kids found them pretty quickly the next morning.

one of the things i included in the baskets was freeze-dried fruit--a fuji apple spongebob packet for paul and a banana dora the explorer one for nola. paul opened his and nibbled enthusiastically. distracted and busy in the kitchen, i made an offhand comment about buying those. he pounced.

paul: so YOU made my basket?!
me: um, no... i just put in one thing, the fruit.
paul: what did daddy put in?
me: i don't know...?
paul: i'm going to tell daddy he's lazy.
me: um... no!
me: he put in the punch balloons. [this was a desperate grab... cam put one punch balloon in each basket; the rest went into a ziploc bag he then left on the counter.]
paul: oh...
me: yeah, we just put in one thing each.
paul: [skeptical] ookay.

it never occurred to me that paul might still believe in the easter bunny or some other sort of deity tasked with the delivery of... stuff. i just assumed all along that he knew it was us. sometimes i forget he's only seven.



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