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partial redemption

the boss did good. not great, but good.

thursday morning i overslept. in a panic, i dressed hastily and kind of half-assed straightened my hair. checked my blackberry in the car. nothing from the boss, as expected. shrugged and moved on.

got to the office 40 minutes later. checked email, discovered a 20-minute-old email from the boss asking his three local managers to cab it to a swanky hotel at the marina where he was staying.

commence freakout. i was wearing a new dress, which was good, but with a wide, wide leather belt, which was a little... much for a meeting at a hotel with the boss. "he would do this to me," i complained, "when i'm dressed like the st. pauli girl!" but at least my hair looked more or less decent.

but we went, and it was good. not great, but good. (a glass of sauvignon blanc at 11 am?) i really needed to talk to him alone, and as nice as the others are, i was constrained by their presence.

but the boss claims he'll be back in a few weeks, so maybe i'll get my chance then.



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