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quotable: the art of the mistake

i'm not so fond of quotes, even if i once had a fondness for the fine art of pull-quoting. i don't find lines in books and underline them and highlight them and write ecstatic "yes!" notes in the margins. i occasionally feel that way with a song lyric or two, but not books or magazines or poetry. you won't find a "favorite quotes" section on my facebook page.

but in the last year, i have come across two lines that struck me enough to take note, and interestingly enough, they are clearly related.

"error marks the place where education begins."
lives on the boundary (mike rose)

"the essence of training is to allow error without consequence."
introduction to ender's game (orson scott card)

with the first, i was rereading the book just for my own amusement and was astonished by how little i had actually read while i was in college.

the second i came across while while having my hair done. my head encased in plastic wrap and chemicals, i grabbed my phone and took a picture of the page so i wouldn't forget.

as i approach new levels of responsibility and comfort in my job, i think it's time for me to focus on the people instead of the tasks. could it be time to scale back on numbers and work product in favor of a return to training and proper education and experience? will an emphasis on professional development win me more than just increased productivity?

i strongly believe that intellectual curiosity and things like testing and training environments are gifts from the deity of your choice. if you're ever going to be forced into a position of having to do something crucial, wouldn't you feel better knowing you've practiced?



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