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trying times

i am having some challenging times at work. by "challenging," i mean rough, and by "rough" i mean sucky.

i love being a manager, being responsible for my weird little group, being responsible for policies, being in a position of trust despite the wrong turn i apparently made 15 years ago that brought me to grad school instead of law school.

i love that i have a supportive boss, that i am pretty much left to my own devices to do what i need to do. i love that i have a fabulous mentor-type and a wonderful work-bff, and the mentor, the bff and the manager make up the best trinity a non-religious girl could ever ask for.

but i don't love that my manager lives on the freaking other side of the country, and therefore gets dragged into meetings galore during the few trips he makes to la. said sucky times are sapping my will to live, and i can't even break through the wall of meetings to talk to him.



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