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friday night

paul and nola are asleep in my bed. (cam's on the couch.)

nola fell asleep to "the goose-girl." lucky for me, she passed out before the "waiting-woman" could declare that the appropriate punishment for deception is to be put into a barrel and dragged by horses "until dead." oy.

paul, cutely enough, fell asleep listening to the wiggles lullaby album. i think he specifically wanted to sleep in here with us so that he could at least eavesdrop on our bedtime routine:

  • one red dot
  • 2-3 stories from the sesame street treasury
  • one story from my phone (i've been downloading free fairy tales)
  • wiggles lullabies

now i'm dealing with paul's school fundraiser. i've already filled out countless forms for him in the past two weeks... what's a few more? not the most exciting of evenings, but i've been going to sleep early lately because i've been sick and tired and just generally drained, so it's just kind of nice to be awake.



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