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i wasn't as invested in the target for missoni thing as APPARENTLY LOTS OF PEOPLE WERE, but i was looking forward to it.

on the day of launch, the target site was down almost the whole time i was at work. not that i was actually looking at it all day, mind you, but it was down every time i checked.

disappointed in person by, um, no stock, and juniors' clothing hanging on the missoni racks at my local target, i went home and ordered two ponchos--one 4T and one XL girls. they looked cute online, they were still in stock, and i was feeling a little... peeved.

then i got not one, but two delayed shipment notices.

immediately followed by a shipment notice. wha?

the ponchos arrived yesterday.

they are lovely. while overpriced (the same price for toddler AND girls?), they are on-trend in a variety of ways and they certainly feel nicely made. nola refuses to try hers on, much to my sadness, but i guess i've tried mine on enough for the both of us.

now to figure out what to pair it with for work...



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