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celeb sighting

so. i had kind of a crappy weekend. it was crappy because i was sick sick sick, but it was also awesome because cam, bless his little grizzly adams heart, played SINGLE DAD and left me to lie abed ALMOST ALL WEEKEND.

yesterday i felt so guilty that i accompanied the fam to the natural history museum and the california science center, but i was such a pathetic wheezy mess at the nhm that cam made me sit down by the mcdonalds at the science center while he took the kids upstairs.

once seated, i was charmed by a blond woman and her two children (boy named walter; didn't catch the girl's name).

girl: help!
girl: help!
mom: am i supposed to rescue you?
girl: no, walter.
mom: i hate to tell you this, but he's a terrible prince.
walter: [grinning happily while eating an apple]

when the mother suddenly called out, "who likes french fries?" i realized that there was a dad with them (with french fries in hand), and that that dad looked really familiar to me. i tried really hard to not look at them, but i was very amused by the fact that they talked like they were comedians.

google, wikipedia and imdb proceeded to show me that they actually were comedians. the dad was john ross bowie (from lots of things, but probably best known for a recurring spot on "the big bang theory") and the mom was jamie denbo, and good for them for being known yet unknown because i can't find the name of their daughter anywhere.

so--finally, celebrities. i've lived here almost all of my life (minus those 2.5 years up north), and i have almost no famous people stories to show for it.



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