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there is always a punchline

[random sounds from the living room]

paul: [making sounds into a cheap echoing microphone toy] hoo-oooh!
nola: hoooooh!
paul: we're making a noise contest!
paul: hoooo-ooooooh!
nola: [noticing for the first time that paul has her echo-phone] hey!
nola: paul, that's mine!
paul: [tries to drop it behind the couch]
me: that was unnecessary.
paul: [picks it up and waves it just out of reach]
me: paul, just give it to her.
nola: [crying] paul, give it to me!
paul: [dangles it by cord, then tugs cord when she reaches up]
me: [annoyed] paul, let go.
nola: [crying] paul, let go.
paul: [dramatically lets go]
paul: she didn't fall backward like i hoped.
me: nola, like i said earlier, paul is a bully.
paul: hey!
me: [sighing] paul, when you see preschoolers at school, do you push them and yell at them?
paul: there's a FENCE. [duh]

hear the drums and cymbals? he's here every night.

in retrospect, i shouldn't have been so quick to have him return the toy to her, but his attempts to keep it away from her were just so... irritating.



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