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hair today

went to a fantastic sam's in long beach yesterday, thinking that it would be a quick and cheap chop. i wanted at least three inches gone.

sure, it was quick and cheap, but
1) i was confused as to the gender of my stylist,
2) s/he had me stand up because my hair was too long to be cut sitting down,
3) s/he only cut off 2 inches because the ends weren't that bad,
4) s/he also only cut 2 inches because s/he figured s/he was saving me some tears when i realized how long 3 inches actually was (of hair, people),
5) s/he also thought my husband would be unhappy with my "short" hair,
6) s/he informed me that "her" hula dancers were not allowed to cut their hair,
7) s/he once had knee-length hair, but "being in the business," s/he couldn't keep it that long, and
8) s/he kept talking about my return visit during which time s/he would blend the sides (which were "too short") into the back.

it was a whole lot of befuddlement for a 5-minute $10 cut. but for the sake of entertainment, i tipped "her" $5.



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