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there are few things more instantly amusing than the sight of my youtube history.

i have two laptops (old black dell, newish tiny macbook air) at home. the kids use the dell regularly, the apple rarely. i have a big old dell desktop at work. i'm signed into my youtube account on all three computers, which means that my history is a mix of:

boyce avenue acoustic covers (me)
"sherlock" scenes and fanvids (me)
strawberry shortcake videos (nola)
nerf wars (paul)
minecraft song parodies (paul and nola)
minecraft fanvids (paul)
lego battles (paul)
pop song lyrics and videos (me, paul, and nola)
one direction videos (nola)
nanalan episodes (nola)

one day when i got home from work i asked nola if she had been watching strawberry shortcake videos while i was work. (i saw new videos at the top of the list that hadn't been there when i checked in the morning.) she looked confused... was mommy here or was she at work?

if i were a better parent, i know i'd be watching these videos to be sure that they are all they are supposed to be. youtube is such a... minefield. i've turned on the safety mode, so at least that provides some filter, but... i don't know. there is so much good on youtube (ALL ONE DIRECTION VIDEOS, ALL THE TIME), but there is also so much crap. my boss and i agree song parodies can be the road to hell. you think you're going to be listening to something you know--and then ONWARD with the naughty language and imagery... quick, quick, shut it down shut it down shut it DOWN! what to do?



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