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whither goest thou?

i don't find/make time for this blog anymore, but the finality of dropping it completely makes me a little blue.

the set-up is cranky. my archives are screwy. i run an old version of movable type. whozits and whatzits don't work, and i'm the old lady shaking a stick at the sky and wailing, "eli eli, lama sabachthani?" (but apparently in slow motion because it's taken me multiple years to fully appreciate the sad thing my blog has become).

i feel like there was a tiny window in the overstuffed library of my life in which i wrote posts from my phone. then something happened, the window closed and i shrugged and forgot. but considering how much i spend clutching my phone (currently dressed like adventure time's beemo), you'd think i'd jump at the chance to blog that way. but no, i'm forgetful, so i spend my time listening to pop music and reading omegle chat logs.

so. what to do? save the blog and retool? looking back at the archives, i remember how nicely documented paul's life was for a while, and i feel SO SO bad that nola barely warrants a mention. dump it all into a giant text file and be amused that once upon a time there was a blog named after my ability to trip over nothing?



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