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eggs and milk, milk and eggs (and peanuts)

yesterday we met paul and nola's new allergist (their former allergist (and my former pediatrician) retired about a year or so ago). we actually met her once in pediatrics, i think. strong grip. the nurses were kind of a mixed bag. some smiled, some didn't. some acted like we inconvenienced them by showing up.

1. when your department calls CAM after i provide you with three separate phone numbers for ME, please be aware that i already find you obnoxious.
2. when your department INFORMS US that paul should come in for an appt, then please be aware i find you incompetent for asking us why we're there.
3. just because cam is doing the lion's share of the talking doesn't mean that i have ceased to exist. a little EYE CONTACT, please.
4. cam, why do you have a mental block about nola's previous bloodwork?
5. yes, thank you, we are like separate families under one roof. he has his kid, i have mine. I DON'T KNOW, IT JUST WORKED OUT THAT WAY.
6. paul, the way you smiled through your tears during the skin test just broke my heart into a thousand little pieces. recurring theme: nerve endings on the outside!
7. kids, why so goddamned punchy?
8. medical professionals, you saw the big welts on paul's arm from the skin test. why so effing surprised we haven't fed him those same allergens that caused that bullshit?
9. well, cam, your fear of feeding the kids nuts has served you in good stead.
10. yes, yes, i do fail as a mom. i know nothing about my son. (see #3 and #5.) thanks.

round two: on saturday nola has to go to the lab for a blood draw so allergy can run some tests. then she gets to come back to allergy in two weeks for her own appointment. also that day she gets to meet her pediatric endocrinologist.

i think this is why i stay away from doctors. appointments beget appointments!



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