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most traumatic day ever

yesterday afternoon nola and i met with her pediatrician for a belated well-baby (well-child?) doctor's appointment.

at 4 years and 4 months, nola is 35" tall and weighs 27.2 pounds. he showed me a growth chart. he is slightly concerned that she doesn't really follow the curve anymore, so he is going to refer us to a pediatrician who specializes in endocrinology just to see if she thinks this is cause for concern.

the poor baby was confused by the vision test*, but she figured out the hearing test okay.

the poor baby was also attacked by needles. four shots, two in each arm. tightly holding and trying to console a tiny sobbing girl in tiny hello kitty panties (the hospital gown would get in the way) is not a job for the weak. but at least she won't need any new shots for kindergarten next year.

by the time we left, she was fine. she had stickers, bandaids and a new book. her mother, on the other hand, was inwardly broken. first preschool, now this. nerve endings on the outside, people. that is the life of anyone who cares for kids.

*i don't think i mentioned that our optometrist told us that nola has astigmatism in both eyes? we're supposed to go back in november to see if she needs glasses.



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