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nola's busy wednesday

again with the big days for nola:

weekend before last she had a blood draw (sigh... my brave little girl), so today she had a follow-up appointment with the allergist. according to the blood test, nola is mildly allergic to egg (whites stronger than yolks) and milk, and NOT allergic to nuts. in a year we'll probably do a skin test, which will be a little more accurate. the allergist suggested we try nuts and baked goods with eggs. (at paul's appointment, she told us we could try baked goods with eggs for paul, so... i sense a scary experiment coming up.) she offered us a flu shot, which the allergy department would administer. said cam, "i promised her no shots today."

nola also met with the pediatric endocrinologist, who is not terribly concerned about nola's stature right now, but wants to see her again in four months to determine if her growth velocity is on track. if not, then the doctor will discuss screening options with us. she asked us if we wanted to start the screening today. said cam, "i promised her no shots today."

(and she'll go back to the optometrist next month to see if she needs glasses! why is nola's life all about waiting?)

oh, and she had school today. cam was a parent helper. (i was in that role yesterday. fun times! that is a post for another day.)

no wonder she was suggesting bedtime before bedtime could be suggested to her.

good night, baby girl.



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