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this past wednesday was a rather monumental day--not only was it paul's birthday, but it was also nola's first field trip.

i worked from home that day so i could go with her. (cam's on the halloween party committee, so i knew he wouldn't be able to attend this, and i couldn't just send my mom.) it ended up working out perfectly because paul needed someone to take him to school and pick him up. (well, perfectly is a bit of a stretch because wednesdays are the worst possible day for me to out of the office, but sometimes life just works out that way.)

i was looking forward to this field trip for two reasons:

1) hello, first field trip EVER, and
2) preschool field trip t-shirts

when paul attended this preschool, he had a lime green city of ____ t-shirt that the school provided on field trip days. the teacher never let the kids take them home until the end of the school year because she was smart enough to know that if she sent them home any earlier, she'd have a hell of a time getting people to remember to wear them on field trip days. the t-shirts were all the same size, so short and tall alike wore the same shirt.

nola's t-shirt is turquoise. and it falls to mid-calf. EEEEEEEEEE.

the field trip was to a local pumpkin patch. we don't live anywhere where pumpkin patches can really... exist, so this is just a set-up in a local mall parking lot with a petting zoo, bounce houses and lots of hay and straw beneath a striped circus tent-type thing. nola was immediately annoyed by the smell, and continued to be bothered by it until we left. but she did pet a goat or two, and she did smile obediently at cameras, and she even got a parting gift of a cute little pumpkin.

(later she declared the pumpkin was an egg, and it would hatch... a baby snow golem. um, what?)

i'm glad i could go with her, even though it was hard being away from work (being pestered by text while trying to convince a clingy child to look at llamas is not my idea of fun). i missed so much of paul's preschool year because of work and pregnancy, so this is something non-negotiable.



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