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i'm eavesdropping on the kids as they play a sort of real-life minecraft with paul's new minecraft lego set. (which is insanely cute.)

the kids are really good at making stevie dying sounds. lots of "ha ha, you're in the void... you died."

much to my amusement, they took a short break from lego-play to sit down in front of nola's toy kitchen.

nola: let's make a cake.
paul: there's a cow!
paul: i got three milk.
nola: i'll find the sugarcane.
paul: let's find the wheat.
paul: we need three.
paul: wait, i need an egg.
paul: i think there are some chickens spawning by the, you know, the lake.
paul: maybe we should craft bread?
paul: nola, do you have the sugarcane?
nola: yes.
paul: craft it down to sugar.
nola: here.
paul: i made the cake.
paul: yum!
nola: yum!

paul talks so fast sometimes.

and now they are back to lego minecraft. paul is trying to feed nola lines, but she is resisting his efforts. i bite back smiles.



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