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web presence

today paul told me he wanted to contact his favorite gamer/web-celeb to tell him about a recent discovery with his favorite game. i cringed as i pondered the methods of communication. youtube? xbox live? twitter? tumblr?

i won't go into the mental gymnastics involved in figuring out a solution, but the end result was a youtube account tied to one of my gmail accounts. i let him pick out his own username, and stressed that he was to log into his account whenever he visited youtube (so we could see his video history). i'm still not entirely certain that this is a good idea (i mean, hell, he's not old enough to really have his own account), but he's been using youtube for quite a while now with no real mishaps, and i've been checking his history routinely because he's been using my account. maybe this internet "freedom" is my real birthday present to my son--not toys, not cupcakes, not a funny card.

paul: i liked my first video.
paul: [blissfully] i feel involved.



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