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frantic phone call from my mother.

sudden fear mingled with impatience.
impatience mingled with amusement.
amusement mingled with exasperation.

why was my mom upset? because nola got her hands on some scissors and hacked off a big section of her hair. AND, to add insult to injury, she wouldn't admit she did it. she blamed a ghost.

me: would you put her on the phone, please?
my mom: your mommy wants to talk to you.
nola: hi mommy.
me: hi nola.
me: nola, i hear a ghost cut your hair.
nola: yes.
nola: no.
nola: i did it.
me: oh, okay.

my mother clearly felt like she had to do something, so she offered to call their stylist for an emergency haircut. once nola confirmed she would be okay with that, i told her to go for it. the relief was obvious. i couldn't tell if she was upset that nola might have to go to school missing a hank of hair or if she had other reasons for her panic. i personally would have been more panicked by the idea of HOW AND WHERE DID NOLA GET THE SCISSORS, but she was in such misery i didn't push it after she gave me a half-assed excuse.

my mom: [wailing] she's going to have hair like a boy once it's all evened out!

a boy with girl hair and a girl with boy hair... not the weirdest thing this house has ever seen, surely?

so they went for their emergency haircut, and nola proved so amenable to the whole experience that my mother had time to get a haircut, too. now my little girl has the most adorable crop, and my mother is finally calm.



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