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con artistry

i hate writing reviews.

i know i should feel grateful i only have to write eight--my boss writes more than 20, i think--but it's so hard to write reviews praising the above and beyond when there is precious little above and beyond upon which to wax rhapsodic (not their fault; just the normal business flow).

the biggest issue, of course, is the glaring lack of honesty, the feelings hidden with the self-consciousness of faint praise. as i write certain reviews i find myself deleting and rewriting, deleting and rewriting, continually lamenting that i can't even mention the below and within (which wouldn't be a surprise because it's been discussed in most, if not all, cases--i wouldn't blindside an employee like that), but that shit can't be put in writing lest the powers that be read it and decide that eliminating the position--rather than replacing the individual--is THE best way to handle any employment situation. because they would.



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