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beach bells

we were in hawaii a month ago.

ostensibly, it was a family vacation, but the underlying reason was this: work-bff was getting married at sunset on a beach on the big island, and i was going to be there.

the first part of the trip was spent at the disney resort on oahu (AWESOMENESS--i recommend highly). it wasn't always smooth, and i worked more than i expected to have to work, but our accommodations were really cool, and we also got to visit cam's family.

then we island-hopped to the first outdoor airport i had ever seen in my life.

the big island... was a little dull. for a vegan, well, the eats weren't that great. we had gotten spoiled by the aulani, and sneaking out for a drink after the kids were in bed (my mom was with us, lest you think we would actually leave the children alone in a strange place) was not easy. but the pool there was fun, the volcanoes were interesting, and the children continued to work on their lovely tans.

we missed the first half of the rehearsal dinner (in transit from the other side of the island), and then cam proceeded to get somewhat shitfaced when we met up with the happy couple and friends at a bar afterwards. (note: if you feel the need to ask--at great volume--if you're embarrassing me, there is an excellent chance that you might be.) efforts to get home post-bar were rather stressful. who knew that big island cab service shut down around 11? fortunately, the bar was at a very nice resort, and their night manager permitted their bellhop to drive us back.

the next night was the wedding, and it was delightful. the setting was magical, the ceremony touching (who knew the work-bff had so much sweetness in him?), the food and drink plentiful... and who doesn't love a gay dance party under the stars? i lost an earring and a pair of sunglasses, and all i could do was laugh. thank you, work-bff, for inviting us, and thank you, mentor extraordinaire (work-bff's boss), taking time from your busy schedule to attend, and thank you, cam, for making this trip possible.



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