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i think about this blog frequently, but rather than turn to it in downtime, i shop for a new house.

nothing personal, lfc, but... i want a new house.

a few months ago cam and i came across a house that immediately piqued our interest. so much that cam called and asked to see it (we NEVER do that... waiting for open houses is always enough for us because we've never been interested enough to sell our house).

it had so many things going for it. the bedrooms were small and the whole house needed work, but it was architecturally what we had been longing for but didn't expect to find in our area, closer to cam's parents than we are now (down the street from the kids' school), big lovely yard with big pretty pool.

we dithered
we chatted with the realtor
we came back to see the house a thousand times
we introduced the house to the kids
cam talked to mortgage lenders
we started putting stuff in storage to get an idea of what our house looked like without toys all over the place
then the realtor said a few things about the sellers that scared us
we started to get a weird feeling about the realtor
we put things on hold
we couldn't forget the house
i dreamed of house colors and new furniture
we called a realtor
the realtor freaked us out with her zealotry
we made an appointment with a house-staging company
someone made an offer on *our* house, one we couldn't beat
we sent the stager and the realtor away
we checked the house online obsessively to look for the red "pending" banner
i sniffled
we checked the house online regularly to see if it fell out of escrow
we went through the seven stages of grief
escrow closed
we shrugged

check out my stream-of-consciousness prose!

for a while i felt stupidly despondent because i was finally able to LOUDLY voice my issues with our house, and here we were, stuck in it. i couldn't see living there anymore and was continually frustrated because nothing of interest was showing up on the market. one night i said as much to cam, and his disbelief and disgust with my attitude folded me in on myself. such is life.

two good things came out of the experience: 1) we got our house cleaned (yay!), and 2) i found out that apparently i could qualify--all by myself--with the debt of a family of four--with my lone income--for the loan we needed. it would be tight, but i could do it, and i would need to do it if we were to proceed because of cam's employment history (not enough time with current company as independent contractor). go me.

i continued to look for houses, but eventually i kind of shrugged and stopped checking so obsessively... because we went to hawaii for the BEST WEDDING EVER.

more on that later.



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