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never did get to the pledge

playing school:

nola: mommy, say "we now have a special visitor."
me: we now have a special visitor.
nola: hi.
me: what is your name?
nola: nola [last name]
me: where are you from?
nola: uh, the hospital when i was a baby.
me: [stifled laughter] okay, very good.
me: and what are you going to perform for us?
nola: the united states of america.

it still took about another two solid minutes of talking before i realized she meant the pledge of allegiance. it morphed into a monologue about how to be a star student and be the line leader.

nola: now i'm going to be the teacher.
nola: jonathan!
nola: why are you talking to your friend?
nola: i am so mad at you.
nola: i'm going to tell your mother.
me: nola, does your teacher really talk like that?
nola: sometimes.

it is endlessly entertaining to hear nola's take on school.



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