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sunday negotiations

paul: can i start my math in 40 minutes?
paul: so i can start at 2:30?
me: i want you to explain to me why you deserve to delay the start of your homework.
paul: i'm thinking.

ten minutes later...

me: did you think of your reasons?
paul: i'm thinking!
me: while you're playing with nola?
paul: i'm trying to think...
me: you're trying to think while running around with nola?
me: you're not trying.
paul: no!
paul: no, i've come up with some reasons but i know they won't work.
me: look, so you're trying to delay giving me your reasons for delay so it'll be 2:30 and you'll say, "oops, sorry, couldn't think of one."
paul: that doesn't make sense.
me: delayception.
paul: deception.
me: i think that sums it up pretty well.
paul: wait, no!



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