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for the life of me i simply can't remember what book introduced me to the concept of the new-old sock. (i'm afraid it's going to be something my ridiculously lowbrow, like a novelization of teen movie. oh well. i never claimed to have good taste.)

so. a new-old sock is a sock made of two top parts of two socks sewn together. when the heels and toes are too worn through to mend, just cut away the feet and sew together the ankle bits, and out of two beat to hell pairs of socks you have a nice new-old pair.

reinvention. rising from the ashes. discarding the battered parts of you and stitching together what survives. isn't this what we all strive to do at the beginning of a new year?

i absolutely suck at new year's resolutions, partially because i always end up making the big one everyone makes, and weight is so tied to genetic self-loathing and baggage of ancestors that making lighthearted plans to BE THINNER is something akin to tying myself to train tracks and counting down the whistles and horns as if they were cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning in the near distance.

last year i tried to give myself a "fun" resolution of drinking hard liquor. but i sucked at that, too, because it was effort. drank more beer instead. still don't know the difference between a stout and a porter. not sure it matters. not looking to impress anyone with my dark beer drinking skill.

this year i've decided to make smaller resolutions, much in the way one breaks down bigger tasks into steps to feel more accomplished. my house will never be neat. i will never be thin. i will never stop being a workaholic. i can't stop being an overly emotional yet antisocial sarcastic shrew. but these i can do with the bits of me i think i'll keep.

i will drink less beer--at home.
i will get a second tattoo.
i will cuddle my children (and my husband) more.
i will play dmmd re:connect.
i will grow my hair long again.
i will continue to ship ridiculous tv couples.
i will stop wearing uncomfortable shoes.

cheers to 2014.



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