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i have always loved cheese. (cheese has not always loved me, sadly.) when we stopped keeping dairy products around because of my poor babies, well, those days of brie and wine instantly became a thing of the past.

it's been years since we last had daiya cheese because the kids don't like it. and since the kids don't like it, i didn't really see a point in trying to like it myself. we did try on several occasions... a local pizza place used it, and more than once we bought shreds from whole foods (predating their current packaging, even). i liked the bubbling and melting effect far more than the taste, which i found to be somewhat soapy.

the other day at whole foods, however, i remembered that i wanted to try a daiya wedge because i kept seeing it pop up in recipes. so i grabbed a havarti and promptly forgot about it until today. (cam said to get cheddar, but... to be honest i decided to go with the havarti because i have no real memory of the taste, which I figured meant there just had to be a higher chance of satisfaction with this choice.)

i found it today while i was scrounging around in the fridge for lunch, so i pulled it out and cut a piece, amused that i somehow failed to notice that this was no ordinary havarti but a jalapeno garlic havarti. huh, well, more tastes to obscure the oddity that is vegan cheese, i thought with a shrug, popping it into my mouth. but it was actually really a surprise: the texture was nice; the flavor, good. i ate a piece wrapped in a little tortilla (with some tofu, how cliche) and was quite pleased.

the real test came when i handed cam a piece. cam is the most vegan-tolerant/indulgent person i know, but he doesn't eat vegan cheese. the kids and i eat follow your heart cheddar fairly regularly (i like the monterey jack, which is nothing like monterey jack but it's white and unobtrusive). i suspect he would willingly starve rather than touch that stuff. this, he liked. he agreed it was good.

so. maybe it's time to give daiya another chance. and maybe it's time to sneak a piece of real havarti so i can actually have some basis for comparison.



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