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i do not like where things are going at work. i do not like the way people are talking about my old boss. i don't like the way i'm starting to wonder about my old boss.

i thought we were going to be best work buddies 4eva. on his way out the door, he declared i was "the best colleague and friend" he had ever worked with. he was the work-husband, for chrissakes.

people have asked if i thought he may have been the obstacle--not HIS boss--keeping me from getting the help i needed. someone suggested to me that he didn't do anything because he knew i would "soldier on." i have no proof of this, but i do have proof that i gave notice and he told no one.

well. such concern for my welfare, bestie. but he was a man who seemed to think that all issues could be resolved by the taking of vacations, knowing full well that the firm ip phone accompanied him on any trip. he got me one, too. the idea that one should not actually broadcast that they are away--if you need me, call my extension! i could be in goddamned fucking timbuktu but YOU would think i'm in la and that is ALL. THAT. MATTERS. since 2009, i never saw an out-of-office for him until after he left. (someone set up a bounceback.)

i don't want to be angry with him. it's pointless. but i can't stop feeling sad and abandoned.



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