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after much more angst than the situation deserved, i got in touch with my old boss.

was on the phone with a friend who relocated from my office to his office. i asked, casually... how's life without x?

i expected vitriol. i expected bitterness. what i didn't expect was a heavy sigh and a slide into mildly confessional, mildly wistful, mildly rueful girl talk. i thanked her and nearly cried. "it's nice to talk to someone who misses him."

and when i mentioned this to the work-bff, i didn't expect (although this was my foolishness, certainly) bitterness, but that's what i got. and why it still hurt, i couldn't tell you.

so... after a brief fit of tears, i pulled up his new firm's site, grabbed his email address and sent him a short email. he wrote back within 20 minutes. we traded a few more emails that night.

cam laughed when i told him about it. called me an ex-girlfriend.

i prefer work-widow, thank you very much.



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