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i know i provided a somewhat weird combo of station seeds, but pandora, you must have some crazy algorithms. that said, i listen to my "mellow singiness" station ALL THE TIME.

i like barenaked ladies, but i can only stand so many versions of "if i had a $1,000,000." do you not have rights to play anything else?

my horizons are not broadened by multiple versions of "sail" (awolnation). blame it on my a.d.d., baby.

too much coldplay. not enough modest mouse or the killers.

snow patrol's "you could be happy" is quite possibly one of the worst songs i have ever heard.

didn't know jack johnson had a sound-alike protege.

songs i hear far too often:
"we are going to be friends" (white stripes--live and studio, at least)
"somewhere over the rainbow" mashups (israel kamakawiwo╩╗ole, straight no chaser)
"hallelujah" (love this song, but... three jeff buckley versions, followed by two k.d. lang versions, plus jason castro (i remember this kid from american idol, i think) and kate voegele (meh))
"skinny love" (multiple birdy versions)

pleasantly listenable surprises:
a fine frenzy
bon iver
florence and the machine
ingrid michaelson ("open me up and you will see/i'm a gallery of broken hearts")
"gravity" by sara bareilles (love sara, but didn't care for this song at first)
michael buble's version of "at this moment"
the script--and also the straight no chaser version of "the man who can't be moved"

i didn't realize my musical tastes boiled down to "songs you might find on a cw/wb show soundtrack." what am i, 14?



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