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cake pops and presents

nola turns 6 today.

she is very excited. i am less so. cam pointed out that she is a third of the way through her life with us. (WHAT THE HELL IS SUCH NONSENSE.)

my tiny baby girl. my sneaky silly giggly lazy whiny happy greedy charming little thing. she brings giggles and smiles everywhere she goes. she makes pink tolerable. she promises she'll stop sucking her thumb when she's 7. she is fearless and timid at the same time. she might actually be 16 the way she talks sometimes. her singing is adorable. she's a good "dancing for no reason in the kitchen" dance partner. she's a worthy adversary to paul. she likes the most random things.

i get teary sometimes just thinking about her.

happy birthday to my dear girl. much love and happiness to you.



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