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cake pops, for real this time

we didn't make cake pops for nola's birthday--we had cupcakes instead. but now it's the thursday night before her party, and goddammit, that beautiful sassy child will have allergen-free cake pops at her party if it kills me.

so i'm baking two cakes because she wanted chocolate cake pops and strawberry cake pops.

and i agreed to do this why?

because 1) i'm a sucker, and 2) it is completely unfair and sad that my kids can't eat the cakes at their own birthday parties. for paul's last birthday, i think he had a slice of pumpkin pie while everyone ate his cake. it was a fine cake, yes, if you happen to be free of allergies. don't feel bad for paul, though. he asked for pumpkin pie. he loves my pumpkin pie. so there.

nola wanted cake pops, so cake pops she will have. there will be far too many of them, and i will not be surprised if we end up with a ton of them left over, so they will go into the freezer and i will end up eating them every time i pass by the freezer like a crazy cake-pop-aholic, claiming, "we could totally use that freezer space, yo."

but wtf-ever. because apparently one turns six twice, and one should never waste an opportunity to celebrate.



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