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dairy disappointments

i don't have the details of what actually transpired, but the end result is that nola ate some bread containing milk and LIVED (yay, nola), and paul is feeling blue and left behind.

my poor paul.


nola's reactions have always been relatively minor compared to paul's, and her early bloodwork didn't show a milk allergy, but we made the decision of keep her off dairy in infancy because she developed a rash on her face whenever i consumed dairy products (remember, she didn't wean until she was 5, thank you very much). so i cut out dairy while i was her exclusive source of nutrition--to this day, i only eat cheese maybe once or twice a month (if that) when the kids aren't around.

(giant plug for double rainbow soy cream. LOVE the blueberry. when i first saw the line at whole foods i was compelled to buy some because of the double rainbow shop in rockridge. oh how i loved rockridge. i should have gone to barney's one more time before i swore off meat.)

despite the test results, we have always treated the kids if they had identical allergies. maybe this was unfair to nola, but i refuse to believe that she has been damaged by our choices. there is a life--a world--beyond the consumption of dairy products. ask morrissey!

so. we're going to set up allergy tests this summer, and we'll see where we can go from there. maybe we'll get some good news. maybe we won't. either way, we'll continue as we have been. we don't keep dairy in the house (minus a tiny stash of cowgirl creamery's mt tam... shhh), and i won't make a distinction between paul-safe and nola-safe food. there's just food, and our children are far more than what they can eat.



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