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more more more

thank goodness for christmas giftcards.

nola opened her birthday presents with great pleasure--noting which gifts came from her very substantial wishlist (more on that in a moment)--but insisted that she had to have a very specific toy that would dovetail with one of the items we bought.

after two days of nagging, i gave in and "bought" it with giftcards (yay, free stuff). i tried to find something else to buy to take advantage of free shipping, but ultimately decided that it's not like i was really spending my money, so... if she wanted to spend a chunk on shipping fees, well, so be it. one day she'll understand that strange tension between convenience and paying [ridiculous amounts] for shipping.


so. the nola wishlist. stuff of legend. tired of her saying, "mommy, i want that" every few seconds, i pointed her at toysrus.com (or something like) and showed her how to bookmark items worthy of a second look.

you know, things are different now that she can read. she ate up the internet so fast, i think her wishlist contained more items than there are stars in the sky. add that to the 100+ item "mommy, take a picture of that for my wishlist" album on my phone, and well, it all paints a picture of the sweetest, most good-natured, most adorable tiny materialistic girl that ever was.

that's my girl.



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