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sixth birthday, take two

nola had a birthday party last weekend that was notable for a number of things:

1) adventureplex is good fun for middle-schoolers as well as elementary-schoolers.

2) kindergarten girls are FLAKES.

3) neither time nor distance nor silence can prevent nola from falling in love again with her preschool best friend.

4) from a distance, paul and a cousin (yes, a male one) would have been indistinguishable if it wasn't for the fact that one was in shorts and one wasn't. yay for blue t-shirts, lanky builds and long ponytails.

5) a good birthday party can be had even if kindergarten girls are FLAKES. i cannot stress enough how irritated i am that a bunch of girls bailed after telling nola that they would come (mind you, they didn't rsvp officially, but still. don't promise my baby girl you'll come and then don't.).

6) chocolate cake is better than strawberry cake, so chocolate cake pops are inherently better than strawberry cake pops.



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