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i woke up around 3, not really sure why i was awake. i went to bed early the night before, so maybe i thought i should get up and work?

shrugging, i closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

a few minutes later, nola nudged me. "i have to go."

so we got up and went to the bathroom. i turned on the light, put on the potty seat and prepared to go back to bed, but nola told me to wait for her right outside the door. when she was done, i sent her back to bed and used the bathroom myself.

tucked back in bed, i contemplated sleep. cam got up and headed off to the bathroom. a minute or so later, he turned on the kitchen and living room lights, turned off the kitchen light and returned to the bedroom. rather stiffly he sat down on the bed and gathered up the blanket in his arms.

him: i'm just getting the blanket.
me: why?
me: are you going to turn off the light in the living room?
him: you ask too many questions.

he stood up, still carrying the blanket, and went to the living room. i looked at still awake nola, who shrugged. the light went off and cam came back to bed.

mentally scratching my head, i closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

a little after seven, cam stretched and asked, "how long should the video be?" then he proceeded to snore.

he must really have the most peculiar dreams.



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