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whatever okay means

today an employee plopped herself down in one of the visitor chairs in my office and asked if i was "okay."

apparently i seemed really stressed and someone else had noticed, too, so this employee decided it wasn't just a matter of her being paranoid.

i said a contract project was going south, then i lied and said that there no new ledges.

i lost my best work friend, people seem to think management (meaning me) should do everything for them, my team routinely leaves me to work in the office alone because it's just so convenient for them to work from home (and i lie to protect them), i have no idea where my current project might be headed, i'm about to get my ass handed to me for writing a too-honest review of one of my employees, my son is not ready for middle school, and god help me, i'm house-shopping because i want to make sure we move while i still have a lengthy job history.

but at least i'm getting some sleep in this strange purgatory. whatever.



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