April 30, 2014


just realized i never mentioned my deep and twisted love of almost human. i have a drn cellphone case, for chrissakes. i have read an embarrassing amount of the 633 works currently listed on archive of our own in the almost human fandom. i told my mentor--in front of my entire department--that i would like santa to bring me karl urban for christmas, but i suspected cam might object.

so, so, so sad that fox didn't pick them up for a second season. some of the episodes were distinctly meh, but the chemistry (and moments in the car) between dorian and kennex warmed my slashy heart.

November 23, 2013

happy 50th

paul: since it's the 50th anniversary of the doctor who franchise, i'm playing the google game for it.

the game is adorable, as is paul.

paul: [calling from other room] this game is hard!
paul: oh, cybermen!
paul: oh dangit, a switch!

December 2, 2012

the hunt

thanks to the rediscovery of cockney slang, dragons: riders of berk is hysterically filthy.

well, at least the name is.

October 22, 2012

new levels, part two

i am watching doctor who. and i am still wearing a scarf.

i have never been geekier.

September 23, 2012

disappointing but not altogether surprising

so bummed for the boys and the cast and crew of sherlock. stupid emmy voters.

September 1, 2012


maybe i was just too old/too jaded/too elitist to enjoy dawson's creek, but watching reruns of fringe are showing me that i was totally missing out on joshua jackson. today we saw an ep prominently featuring Hot!Angry!Pacey in a tank top, and well... it's not surprising olivia took her beatdown so well.

August 20, 2012

ships ahoy

just once i have to say this:

OMG!! I AM BUT A $#*%&(%&@(^% PUDDLE OF FEELS.

god, i was embarrassed just typing that. but yet i feel much lighter...

August 12, 2012

now people are definitely going to talk

damn bbc one for confining the awesome loveliness of sherlock to such a bizarre (to my american mind) schedule as a THREE-EPISODE SEASON. gah. has anyone made a "don't be dead" t-shirt? because i would wear that shit every day under my biz-cas wear.

i would.

February 20, 2012

celeb sighting

so. i had kind of a crappy weekend. it was crappy because i was sick sick sick, but it was also awesome because cam, bless his little grizzly adams heart, played SINGLE DAD and left me to lie abed ALMOST ALL WEEKEND.

yesterday i felt so guilty that i accompanied the fam to the natural history museum and the california science center, but i was such a pathetic wheezy mess at the nhm that cam made me sit down by the mcdonalds at the science center while he took the kids upstairs.

once seated, i was charmed by a blond woman and her two children (boy named walter; didn't catch the girl's name).

girl: help!
girl: help!
mom: am i supposed to rescue you?
girl: no, walter.
mom: i hate to tell you this, but he's a terrible prince.
walter: [grinning happily while eating an apple]

when the mother suddenly called out, "who likes french fries?" i realized that there was a dad with them (with french fries in hand), and that that dad looked really familiar to me. i tried really hard to not look at them, but i was very amused by the fact that they talked like they were comedians.

google, wikipedia and imdb proceeded to show me that they actually were comedians. the dad was john ross bowie (from lots of things, but probably best known for a recurring spot on "the big bang theory") and the mom was jamie denbo, and good for them for being known yet unknown because i can't find the name of their daughter anywhere.

so--finally, celebrities. i've lived here almost all of my life (minus those 2.5 years up north), and i have almost no famous people stories to show for it.

April 30, 2011

i hate people

ducky momo is a current obsession in our house.

March 27, 2011


a toddler, left to her own devices with an ipod touch, was watching the cosby show.

1) how did she find the cosby show?
2) why did she decide the cosby show was what she wanted to watch?
3) the cosby show?

i thought i heard talking, so i asked paul what nola was watching.

paul: [peering over her shoulder] it looks like tv.
me: tv?
paul: and it looks inappropriate!
me: [looking over his shoulder] oh, it's the cosby show!
me: it's very appropriate, actually.
paul: oh... it looks hilarious!

October 18, 2010


after watching last week's glee, i had "lucky" (jason mraz/colbie caillat) stuck in my head. i thought quinn and sam performed most cutely.

mentioned it to cam, and he suggested i buy the track off itunes. okay, not a bad idea. i already had the original, but, like i said, the glee version was cute. so i spent a few minutes browsing the glee catalog.

oh my freaking god.

people who post excessively negative reviews of glee songs because they feel they don't measure up to the original are people who need to get a grip. okay, say the song is lacking something, it doesn't quite have the charm/spark/tune/feeling/whatever of the original. fair enough. but because you feel that they butchered a song that is near and dear to your heart, you think the show/people behind the show should leave/die/owe you an apology?

Glee is so lame! They don't sing their own songs. The show is so fake. The actors aren't even teenagers. They're all in their 20's. This show takes place at a high school. WTF? You ruined a song by my favorite band. Screw you. You guys are one of the reasons music is almost dead.

or this:

overall, GLEE failed, butchered on[e] of my favorite songs, the stupid girl has no emotion. srsly, how do ppl like Glee???? ... GLee itself is one big epic FAIL.

i have the hardest time understanding this. maybe it's just the culture of the internet -- anonymity creates bullies, yay! but really -- you don't like, don't comment! does it make you feel like a big person to say, "yeah, the reason why this song is 4.5 stars instead of 5 is all me, baby"?

September 12, 2010


kris allen looks like hal sparks.

i wonder if kris allen's mom looks like sharon gless.

May 21, 2010


went to see glee live! last night.

while in line to get inside, i started to feel really self-conscious and dorky.

once seated, the dork transformation was halted by grown-up irritation with the valley girls behind me. "OH MY GOD, I need to go shopping for my halloween costumes like right now. i'm going to be Quinn and hit me baby one more time britney spears. it's going to be SO 90s!"

they were showing quotes on the screens from glee before the show, and the valley girls behind me did not know how to read silently.

the opening act, a self-important dance crew, were actually pretty cute and entertaining. "OMG, is that the asian guy from glee or is that just some other asian guy?"

The show itself was so much fun. quinn was not in padding. and i don't know why i was so surprised, but they looked exactly the same on the stage and on the screens as they do on tv, just sweatier! (cam thought they looked older, too.) vocal adrenaline (nameless dancers) performed rehab and mercy to give the main folks a chance to rest and change.

closed with true colors and somebody to love. pyrotechnics and confetti! i whispered to cam that it was like american idol. he smiled, but i wonder if he realized i meant the very first american idol and how everything was just leading to a moment like this.

February 12, 2010


after sitting patiently though parts of "pride and prejudice" and "girls just want to have fun," cam showed an interest in watching "i'm gonna git you sucka." what could i say? so that's what he's watching.

it's hasn't been the greatest night for tv. we resorted to channel-flipping:
me: [stopping to read a description of "oz"]
cam: 2010?
me: [changing the channel] oh no, it's old.
cam: yeah.
me: it's ryan o'reilly.
cam: oh really?
me: you can't make a wiggles joke while we're watching oz!
cam: isn't it appropriate?
me: [pause]
cam: oh, different oz.

January 29, 2010

tiny love

was telling the guys how i saw a new special on primordial dwarves on sunday night.

me: ___ is one of the older ones, she's in college. ___ is her brother.
me: ___ is in her 40s, i think?
me: um, i love primordial dwarves.
x: clearly -- you know all their names.
me: [outraged] i don't know ALL their names.
me: but i've seen a lot of the documentaries...

January 2, 2010


cam would probably say something similar about my love for the kymaro slimming jeans infomercial.

at the shore

cam's love for "jersey shore" baffles and amuses me. what a trainwreck. fist-pumping, smushing, sick poufs and the situation. gah.

and THAT is my first post of 2010.

Happy New Year!

November 28, 2009

sprout sings

what the hell is "preschool musical on two sticks"? and more importantly, will i like it?

November 2, 2009


cam wants to watch the new season of "for the love of ray j." i would rather have my tonsils removed. the first season was a guilty pleasure trainwreck. the idea of watching this farcical little man go through this process AGAIN is more than i can stand.

October 18, 2009

show choir

have finally come to the conclusion that i really like "glee."

i was on the fence for many weeks because of the embarrassment factor, but i've come to see that it's not as embarrassing as i thought. plus... there is singing! and dancing! and show tunes mixed with pop!

this show is all kinds of yay in my book. hope it lasts.

September 13, 2009


am trying to figure out if i like "glee" or not. it's painfully embarrassing in some places, but there are some very amusing moments. i do like the musical segments, but they do go on a little bit too long...

September 11, 2009


"the fresh beat band" is a terrible show. the songs i've heard are catchy enough, i suppose, but the whole hee-hee-hee aren't-we-funny thing they've got going on is seriously cloying. i was trying to give it a chance because nola loves to watch singing and dancing, but i have my limits.

(that said, it is a little funny to hear paul complain that he hates the show -- and yet stand there completely mesmerized while it's on.)

July 12, 2009


i find myself oddly obsessed with the wiggly dancers. we've been watching the newer dvds on netflix and the dancers are much more front and center than i remember. (of course, i suspect that they were just as important in the older ones, but i was too much in the new parent fog to notice.) it pleases me to think that the postie is sometimes dorothy and that the princess ("there was a princess long ago, long ago, long ago") is married to the yellow wiggle. i also can't get over catarina mete's posture.

July 11, 2009

more from nz

i am not sure about "flight of the conchords" -- it's funny, but it's pretty embarrassing.

July 3, 2009

shake it

am oddly fascinated by the flirtygirl fitness videos. i dig that you can try out a pole for a $1. where on earth would you put such a thing?

June 24, 2009


god forgive me, but conan o'brien's "jon & kate plus 5" was hilarious.

andy richter: we got people to applaud the concept of child abandonment!

...and that is the most space i will ever devote to even the idea of jon and kate.

June 7, 2009

mmas finale

i am actually pretty happy than branden won. he seemed like a nice kid. pretty. jonathan has never fully recovered from his makeover, and it seems like he's lost a tad too much weight in his face (and god, did he get the bitch edit lately or what?). would have still be happy if he won, though, sandhurst, too, would have been cool, but when it's all said and done, i think branden did have the most potential of the remaining three. now, if salome had lost enough weight to fit their standards, well...

June 6, 2009

wub club

so far it seems there are two things that the children will watch together that doesn't seem to be inappropriate for either. (yes, my one-year-old watches tv. do you have a problem with that?) one would be the they might be giants dvds ("here come the 1-2-3s" and "here come the a-b-cs"). the other, amusingly enough, is wow wow wubbzy.

(the kids will watch the wiggles together, but it's pretty young stuff so i'm surprised paul tolerates it. same with blue's clues. nola apparently likes family guy and conan o'brien, but paul doesn't watch either one. paul's shows aren't really big hits with nola. she's not that keen on dinosaurs yet.)

so we are watching wubbzy right now. i think nola likes it because of the songs and the colors. paul likes it because it's funny and "old." (i don't know what that means.) i like it because it's surprisingly uncloying. it could be worse, right?

April 6, 2009

danger, cocktail and unique

the other night cam and i watched most of an episode of "for the love of ray j." who comes up with this stuff? fascinating.

April 4, 2009


sometimes i get, if not obsessed with, then heavily intrigued by, certain competitive-type reality tv shows. right now it's "make me a supermodel." i watched the first season and liked it, but then didn't think much about it. (still -- yay, holly!) when the second season started, i was all, oh hey, that show! didn't even realize i missed it. but i don't watch for the drama, i watch for the pretty -- so all the wah-wah-wah-shit gets fast-forwarded and in the end, the show takes less than half an hour to watch. then i read the weecaps on twop and i feel like an official viewer of the show. awesomeness. without twop, i'd have no idea that salome talks about her mennonite upbringing all the time, that colin is obsessed with his virginity, that amanda is astonished by gabe's attraction because she's a single mom, and that jordan can't shut up about how much she hates amanda.

cj's attitude, well, you can see that even in fast-forward.

i would be happy with most of these people if they won, but i especially like kerryn and jonathan.

April 2, 2009

at ease, sergeant

this morning while pumping/feeding, i saw a few minutes of a baby show ("bringing home baby" or "a baby story" or something like that?).

the parents of a newborn were changing the baby's diaper (because it takes two when you have a newborn and it's your first). the mother voiceovered some usual new mother sentiments, but the father, on the other hand, wanted you to know that his military training had prepared him for this. he didn't mean just the diaper changing, but apparently in the military, they teach you that when there is a task in front of you, you just need to DO IT. then he made a very serious face.

seriously. you need the military to tell you this?

February 13, 2009


trinny and susannah are SO awesome. how did i not know this?

January 24, 2009

friday night potatoes

last night cam and i watched a lot of tv. too much tv. we watched burn notice, csi: miami, lie to me, battlestar galactica AND lost (both hours). good freaking god. it was almost three by the time we got to bed.

partway though lost, cam lamented that all of his shows were running together -- cylons, "no country for old men" similarities -- "and lying!"

January 1, 2009

carrying some extra weight

today's programming has been all about the most popular new year's resolution of all -- losing weight.

obesity dramas for everyone!

August 13, 2008

step it up and dress

this evening i was having myself a little "what not to wear" marathon, and there was this little music piece i kept hearing that was tantalizingly familiar. after maybe the third time, i realized that it was the same music that nick danced to for his solo in the finale of "step it up and dance." nick, sweetie, no wonder you lost. people are GETTING DRESSED to that music, not dancing to it.

July 31, 2008

tv influence

bought a pair of peep-toe low wedges from eddie bauer. they showed up today and i modeled them for paul, nola and my mom.

paul: you look like someone from "what not to wear."
me: is that good or bad?
paul: good!
paul: everyone is staring at you.

oh, dear.

July 17, 2008

violence in movies and sex on tv

what soothes our little savage beastie? "family guy" in hd, apparently.

yeah, i didn't see that coming, either. she really is daddy's little girl.

July 10, 2008


watched the season premiere of "burn notice." (yay! it's back!) cam pointed out that jeffrey donovan had lost weight. i pointed out that his arms were huge. guess we know how he spent the off-season.

July 9, 2008


have been watching the casting reality show for "legally blonde: the musical." i have never seen either movie, nor do i have any desire to see the musical. but this show has been drawing me in since the beginning... i fought it, but i even find myself watching full auditions on

"i knew it," chortled the spider to the fly.

June 30, 2008

upon further reflection

i've been reading a little bit about fan reaction to the instant star finale and it's interesting to see how a lot of people would have quite satisfied with a little jump x-many years into the future where jude and tommy are reunited. i think, ultimately, that probably would have pleased me, too. i don't care for this "well, in my heart i believe they get back together and live happily ever after once jude gets tired of the rockstar life, etc. etc. etc." kind of crap that fuels shipper dreams and fan fiction. i need to see it to be happy.

June 28, 2008

no more jommy

i HATED the instant star finale. too many things going on and nothing resolved. it's not like i wanted happy endings for all and sundry, but what people seem to consider "open-ended," i call "loose ends galore." the entire season just felt so rushed (due in part, yes, to the-n's decision to air the whole season in a month), and too many storylines. we needed more zeppelin and jamie, we needed more jude and tommy. (i may be 33, but i could probably watch the kiss at the end of "gimme gimme shock treatment" fifty times.) maybe even a little more kwest and sadie (and darius). i like spied, but reality show with karma just got on my nerves. blu was pointless (never a fan of manny, anyway), paegan abandoned a sinking ship (the way they got rid of him so quickly was sad), and megan was psycho ("2 am" was pretty, though). oh well. another pleasant diversion sunk.

of course, now that i've read this again, i sound like a temperamental tween. har. sure, tommy was often an absolute ass, but when they were together, he and jude were just so damned on. the way she ended things on stage and sang about "so-called love wearing thin" just made me sad sad sad for him.

home shopping network?

there's an infomercial on right now for a program for dealing with depression. why am i watching it? the directv description made me happy:

shopping. the number one drug-free solution for stress, anxiety and depression.

yay for retail therapy!

June 21, 2008

new brunswick

i have had "i still love you" (from instant star) in my head ALL DAY. goddamn you, jommy.

June 8, 2008


i am convinced that mario lopez has a portrait of himself hanging in his attic -- the painted visage displaying all the aging that he is seemingly not doing himself.

June 7, 2008

rice cake

paul: did mochi win?
me: no.
paul: bleah!
paul: i don't like what you said.

June 5, 2008

center stage...2

very happy that cody won on "step it up and dance." was hoping mochi would win (no, don't you dare think it's filipino pride or any such nonsense -- girlfriend was just awesome), but i am pleased with cody's win. now off to find that song he used for his solo...

May 21, 2008

always be my baby

my mom: do you know who won american idol?
cam: [blandly] yes -- david.
me: you jerk.
my mom: which one?
paul: [laughing] you jerk.
me: you are SO not funny.
paul: [laughing] you are SO not funny.

to my mother's obvious irritation and my carefully concealed joy, david cook was named this season's american idol. i scoffed at his potato head until mariah carey week. then i scoffed at his potato head AND loved him at the same time. this might be the first time (well, aside from season one) i've actually been rooting for the person who won.

May 16, 2008

wardrobe hijinks

it's embarrassing to admit that my tv consumption has increased exponentially since nola was born. i spend so much time sitting on the couch nursing her (or burping her or holding her while she sleeps) that stacy and clinton from "what not to wear" feel like old friends. it's very kind of nola to schedule feedings during the 9 am and 3 pm showings.

February 4, 2008

as seen on tv: puffs

was sitting at my mom's house watching tv the other night, and was somewhat mesmerized by a commercial fearing a funny little pan for "pancake puffs."

oh sure, aebleskiver, i thought, remembering those funny little dutch pancakes you can buy at the farmer's market. always meant to try them. the ones you could make in the little pan on tv looked okay, and it was amusing to think that the cost included a hundred "pancake turners," which looked pretty much like short skewers.

but then it turned ugly.

the set included a syringe-thing for injecting the puffs with puddings, jams and such sticky sweets. okay, so maybe one might have a fondness for cream puffs and jelly doughnuts. that seems reasonable enough. but then they started showing these puffs filled with MEAT. (i don't think meatballs fit in a syringe.) make mini pepperoni pizza puffs, they declared! make tiny meatball subs! make wee pigs in blankets! it was pretty gross.

explaining to paul about "finger foods" was also pretty gross. "no, sweetie, finger foods are just things you can eat with your hands. they aren't shaped like fingers or made of fingers."

how could paul have reached the age of four without ever hearing about finger foods? i understand why he's not familiar with aebleskiver, but finger foods?

August 25, 2007

really big things

it's funny to see that matt rogers has a job NOT singing. we happened to catch a little bit of "really big things" on the discovery channel, and i was all, "hey! hey! it's that guy!" cam was puzzled because he thought the bre pettis-looking guy was the host, but turns out he was thinking of "build it bigger" instead. what is this fascination with size? (note that these shows are hosted by men.) i would like to see a show about tiny things. like pies.

August 22, 2007

what else rhymes with bridget?

we stayed up far too late the other night getting caught up on "trapped in the closet" on the independent film channel site. (they didn't have chapters 21 and 22 up when we checked, so we still have those to watch.) that is some utterly bizarre shit. this is proof that anything can be sung. cam seems to think that this is the greatest thing ever, but i am not so sure.

August 20, 2007

no relation to kelly

"top gear" is now on bbc america. dammit. we've only tivo'd two eps so far and watched part of one, but already i am tired of jeremy clarkson.

August 12, 2007

robot combat is a sport

looking for more mythbusters shirts on cafepress for paul, i was distressed to see that no one had made either a "i [heart] grant" or "i [heart] tory" shirt. uncool. i would so wear a shirt with grant's name on it. in fact, if i would make one myself! cam suggested "i [heart] grant (and his new teeth)," but that strikes me as a little mean...

August 9, 2007

geek sex symbol

i know paul loves her and all, but my god, i am so absolutely tired of kari byron.

July 1, 2007

good teeth

i think the newest tv crush would have to be jeffrey donovan. i didn't like him initially as ivers on crossing jordan, but i loved him in his last episode. thought he was highly sexy as a criminal on csi: miami. just saw that he's got a new show -- saw a tiny pic of him in the la times. i asked cam to tivo the rerun of the pilot on monday. yay!

May 20, 2007


good lord. the season finales for numb3rs and instant star got me all het up.

colby, a spy for the chinese? sweet charmingly cornfed colby? colby, a mole?

jamie or tommy, tommy or jamie ... wait! who the hell did jude pick? argh! i swear, if jude picked jamie (as adorable as he is), i am not watching instant star anymore.

ugh. it shames me how invested i am in television these days.

May 16, 2007

series finale

just finished watching jordan. aw. i feel kind of schmoopy.

the river jordan

i'm kind of nervous. it's the last episode of crossing jordan. ever. sniffle.

you know, i've been an on-again, off-again fan for years, but i sort of became entangled again over the past year. i was originally a big jordan-woody shipper, but as i saw all kinds of eps i hadn't seen before, i realized that they've been doing this dance for so long that it was getting old. i realized that i kind of liked devon and woody together. (kind of. wasn't so keen on woody and lu, though.) jordan and j.d. were actually a pretty hot couple. hell, i even liked the idea of jordan and ivers. as the series draws to a close, i see we're being set up for a jordan-woody-4evah sort of thing, which is nice, sure, but it's a little bittersweet because tptb should have given that to us YEARS AGO.

i'm happy with the resolution we got for bug and lily last week, though. i think that was done in a very cute fashion. i have always held out for bug's happiness.

i tried to convince cam that nigel and garret were good boy names. no dice.

when paul goes to sleep tonight, if it isn't too late, maybe cam and i can watch the show together. he hasn't watched/cared as much as me (his tim kring love is for heroes and none other), but he does seem to have a soft spot for the show -- at least enough to want to see how it ends.

far more interesting than a run-off for a seat on the school board

my mom is all grumpy because i just told her melinda got voted off american idol.

my mom: oh no!
my mom: i don't want that guy to win.
me: well, maybe jordin will win?
my mom: [sourly] i don't even want to watch now.
me: [laughing silently]

i think i might have to vote next week.

May 11, 2007

ship of fools

i recently succumbed to the notion of liking calleigh and delko together. been hanging out at "shipper central" on a csi fansite. damn. those people are fanatical. every possible pairing is explored in detail. supporting quotes are given. lists of episodes with suggestive scenes are collected. scenes are taken out of context to be compiled into dreamy-eyed little videos with music to match. it's insane, but kind of fun.

April 22, 2007

zoo pals make eating fun

i am not a fan of zoo pals disposable plates. not that i have a problem with disposable plates -- they're useful things -- but i just don't think they're cute. plus i hate the commercial... that damned earworm of a song.... ugh! (i do not like "ribbet.") cam likes it, and seems to make a point of singing along when it's on.

yesterday paul and i were watching tv sans cam. as the familiar music began to play, paul chuckled to himself.
paul: that's my dad's favorite song.

good god. that's not the man i married.

April 8, 2007


chris noth and jill hennessy are totally hot together -- well, at least they were in those two eps of crossing jordan back in season one. whew. were they on law & order at the same time? if so, honestly, that might be a reason to revisit l&o. (and if claire kincaid never happened, and cj got cancelled, i'd go back to l&o: ci if they made her logan's new partner... dare to dream, eh?)

April 4, 2007

over our heads

we were watching one of cam's muppet show dvds the other night. cam wanted to show paul something but wasn't quite sure where to find it. never having been much of a fan, i was glazing over as the colorful furry things traded quips and one-liners.

suddenly there was a ballroom full of dancing muppets. wisecracking pairs swooped in and out of view. a male puppet said to a female puppet, "do you know anything about the hereafter?" she responded in the affirmative. he replied, "then you know what i'm here after."

a few minutes later we found ourselves watching a high-heeled rita moreno beat up a man-sized puppet in a beret, a tight top, and a skirt slit to the waist. she alternately drank, danced and slugged with equal enthusiasm.

that muppet show. so saucy. THIS was family programming?

March 30, 2007

closed captioned humor

elaine: jordan's gay?
nigel: well, i'm not sure, but it would explain a lot.
bug: but she's had boyfriends, hasn't she?
nigel: it's called bisexual, luv.
bug: don't say 'bisexual love' to me.


i feel so disillusioned. i know tv shows rarely shoot where they're supposed to be located, but i just saw woody and jordan walking downtown. MY downtown. MY downtown is NOT boston. sure, i know long beach is NOT miami, but...

cam laughed when i told him.

January 19, 2007


good lord, i've been watching crossing jordan so long with the sound off and the closed captioning on that i've forgotten what everyone sounds like.

January 13, 2007

you must not know 'bout me

beyonce's "irreplaceable" is really cute and sassy. i had to watch the video twice.

brownies in candyland

am oddly mesmerized by the video for "fergalicious."

January 6, 2007

where have i been?

aamer haleem is hosting the january 6 ep of vh1's v-spot top 20 video countdown! oh my god! where did the little bald pinfield man go?

December 29, 2006

not that i don't love them, but

why does crate & barrel need to do tv commercials?

December 23, 2006

you know you watch too much crime tv when...

it's been on my mind since tuesday night how certain co-workers seem to be giving larger and larger christmas gifts each year.

me: they're escalating.

December 14, 2006

i just love it when the geek gets the girl

larry and megan of "numb3rs" are one of the cutest couples on tv.

December 1, 2006

red rocket

if it wasn't for the wiggles and mickey mouse clubhouse, i wouldn't know anything about playhouse disney -- i am not really crazy about any of their shows. in fact, they pretty much bug. (handy manny is kind of funny, though. occasionally.)

the little einsteins are at the top of my don't-watch list because while i don't find it ludicrous that four little kids roam the world in a rocket, i do find it ludicrous that said little kids are so well versed in classical music and art. and since i don't really like classical music -- i am clearly lowbrow -- the show gets on my nerves.

however, there is one thing that the little einsteins do that i like -- they ask for pat-pat-pat help to get their rocket going. i like it for this one reason: when cam tries to pat along, paul gets mad.

cam: fine, fine.
cam: they don't need my help.

familiar scenery

the other night cam and i were watching an ep of csi: miami about a prison break. in the final minutes of the show, it was announced that a potential victim of one of the escapees was on a field trip with her school at a local aquarium.

knowing that csi: miami is filmed here, you'd think that light bulbs would have gone off instantly. nope. so when i saw them walking into the aquarium of the pacific in long beach, i laughed in pure glee and pointed it out to cam.

the best part was when they located the escaped inmate -- he was wearing a faux-uniform with a patch on the sleeve for the "aquarium of the atlantic." we giggled like schoolgirls.

even though we've been watching csi and now csi: miami for a while now, i never see familiar places (which is kind of pleasing actually because then i can pretend that yes, those shows are really shot on location). my old assistant mentioned walking through the set of csi: ny near work, but since i don't watch that show, i'm more meh about that. it's fun to watch numb3rs and see stuff from around here -- but it's set here, so spotting a familiar landmark isn't a big deal. it's meant to be a familiar landmark.

but that's tv. put a movie in the area and i'm all a-twitter. when we watched "jackie brown" several years ago, i was so happy to see carson and torrance on the screen that i pointed out a bail bonds place to my dad every single time we ate at a particular ihop -- and that was pretty much close to monthly.

when i was in college, when people found out that i was from so cal, i'd fairly regularly get the "do you see a lot of movie stars?" bit. initially it was kind of cute. then it was kind of annoying. finally i just accepted it as a conversational tool:

to people from seattle: "must be nice to finally get away from all that rain."
to people from new york: "how many times have you been to the top of the empire state building?"

but i digress.

i keep telling myself that i'll pay more attention to locations on tv and movies, but i think it would be best if i didn't -- i suspect that would kill the silly mindless joy of suddenly realizing you're watching an actor walking in front of a place just down the street.

florida by way of california

on the way to work this morning, we saw a yellow miami-dade ambulance on the back of a truck. for lack of a better word, it was awesome.

the only thing that would have made it better is if david caruso* himself stepped out of it. a girl can dream.

*speaking of which, i just read in the paper that he is going to be the grand marshall of a local parade. we're in southern california. he is so going to be wearing the sunglasses of justice.

November 11, 2006


i just love "csi: miami." it's just so over the top. horatio's sunglasses of justice (twop), delko's painted-on shirts, unsmileigh calleigh and her lovely hair, notgreg (i think his name is wolfe?)... what's not to like? we tivo a&e eps and watch them when we can -- filler shows for those random times we feel like sitting down in front of the tv but don't have the real desire to get sucked into anything.

September 16, 2006


paul is fascinated by giant squid.

paul: let's swim like giant squig.

i recently rerecorded a documentary ("caught on film"?) for paul. he was not pleased with me when i deleted it the first time -- i had been watching it myself because it was interesting, but then deleted it when i was done. turns out he really enjoyed watching their animated re-creation how the giant squid ripped its own tentacle off because it was tired of being hooked. (yeah, gross, i know.)

paul: daddy, see... the giant squig ripped its own leg off!

i'm not sure how long i'll keep this one recorded, but it really is quite interesting and educational. as much as i love steve, it is kind of nice to break from blue's clues every once in a while.

September 9, 2006

is it him?

watching a lionel richie video (he's still singing?) which features his very skinny daughter in love with a guy who looks an awful lot like someone from csi:miami. man, that girl is tiny.

September 3, 2006


on saturday night i found myself watching cbs' "48 hours mystery." the show was about a murdered teenaged girl whose body had been found in castro valley. i missed the beginning, so i didn't realize that the girl in the story had not yet been identified and that her murderer was possibly still on the loose.

eesh! if i had known that this story wasn't over and done, i wouldn't have watched it. didn't i have this very conversation with my mother not too long ago? i was rather nervous about walking around in my own house after watching this (yeah, yeah, I could have turned it off, but it was interesting). have i mentioned that two knives have gone missing in the last few months?

August 9, 2006

gold clues, part 2

last night we watched most of the blue's clues special. it was pretty meh. joe looked pasty and little puffy, but i felt a little bit pleased for him because he was getting to interact with something. sure, these were only puppets, but after all that time alone in front of a blue screen... yeah. so it was nice to see him talking to something.

blue's voice i'm used to (hi, YOU!), but sprinkles? ugh. that was pretty bad. and those spots? i liked him better all white.

maybe we'll finish it tonight. we could have finished it last night, but i was ready to turn it off.

August 8, 2006

gold clues

being the big blue's clues fans that we are, you'd expect that i'd have a long review of the new special "meet blue's baby brother," right?

you'd think.

i actually didn't watch it on sunday. cam reported that paul wouldn't watch it because (1) it was blue's room, and (2) joe had scary hair. i skimmed it last night -- i wanted to watch it, but it was kind of painful because i don't like puppets. (not a muppet show fan. not even a sesame street fan. i watched fraggle rock as a child, but only because i thought the dozers were cute.)

i guess we'll try again tonight.

August 4, 2006

murders, kidnappings and rape, oh my!

i don't think i'll ever understand my mother's fascination with court tv. it's not that i don't see the appeal of such a channel (because i do, crime is fascinating), but it's a little weird how she sits in her house in practically the dark and watches re-enactments of murders. i watched with her the other night and one show was fine until it was revealed that they hadn't caught the murderer yet.

GAH. i SO don't want to know stuff like that. "he could be my neighbor!" my mom laughed at me.

it's so strange -- this is a woman who once preferred sci-fi to practically anything else because the bad guys weren't necessarily human. if bad things were happening to good folks, well... the good folks weren't necessarily human, either. if everyone was human, well, they were in a land/time/whatnot far far away and stuff like that couldn't possibly happen in the here and now.

now my mom watches these crime shows without a second thought. me, i can watch crime fiction. i can watch ripped-from-the-headlines shit. i used to love "the new detectives" until i got the idea that maybe cam was trying to kill me. but put me in front of "america's most wanted" and i'm checking the locks and under the bed.

i wonder when things changed for my mom. when did she become more accepting of the fact that humans do bad things to each other? or does watching these things desensitize her to the crap going on outside our doors?

August 2, 2006


"i like rock star," my mom tells me, changing the channel.

hm. let me just say that there is something definitely weird about sitting next to my mom in her little cottagey house, surrounded by her little cottagey furniture, watching a mohawk'd girl screaming "higher ground."

July 29, 2006

pushing my interests on him

paul: you watch dyy?
me: yes, but not right now.
paul: that guy, his name is karl champley?
me: [surprised] that's right!
paul: yes! i'm right.

July 27, 2006


there's this hummer commercial i've seen a few times -- a woman reacts to another woman's son cutting in front her of her son in line (and to the second woman's subsequent bitchiness) by trading in her minivan for a hummer.


i never realized passive-aggressiveness could be so expensive. i'd be happy never watching this commercial ever again, but paul really likes the music.

July 26, 2006

chugga chugga perfect

good night, melanie. hope your replacement isn't nearly as annoying.

July 22, 2006

cheap commercial

who is melyssa ford and why would i want her picture on my phone?


i've never been all that fond of sandra bullock, but i must admit that i have a soft spot for her (no, not because of "the net" or the fact that i must watch the end of "two weeks notice" whenever it's on tv) because she married jesse james. jesse freaking james.

cam and i used to LOVE "monster garage." (sooo much better than "monster house.") eventually we gave it up because of the drama. we just wanted to see the cars and what could be done with them. we didn't need to see hissy bitchfights over so-and-so not pulling his/her weight. if i wanted drama, i'd watch drama. "monster garage" is where i discovered that machinists are cool.

worst of seven

why is "the world series of pop culture" so boring? is it the dave-foleyesque-from-a-distance host? or the teams? granted, we've only seen about half of one episode, but it was so dull i kept looking at cam as if to say, "um, sweets, why are we still watching these irritating people?"

July 19, 2006


as much as we enjoy mythbusters now, i think we really liked it better when we thought that adam and jamie were in love.

July 12, 2006

all home improvement, all the time

due to the fact that all scheduled programs on the diy network have a tiny "diy" in the corner, paul informs me that every show is "d-y-y rescue."

July 4, 2006

power tools

my television preferences reflect my changing interests. although i still love the crime dramas and the naughty british humor (it is so amazing what the little britain men can get away with -- americans are such prudish fuddy-duddies), i am totally in love with diy network. amy devers is a goddess. i could watch diy to the rescue all day.

paul: me want watch d-y-o-o rescue.
paul: d-y-y rescue!

it's a useful show -- a practical one. they do useful (and neat) things. best of all, cam and i can watch it and not feel like such bad do-it-yourselfers. there are much, much worse ones out there.

June 10, 2006


watching "the thorn birds" and listening to "the thorn birds" are two very different things. the music and the voices... gah. how i love closed-captioning.

June 7, 2006

is it better than barq's?

i just watched two people on tv make root beer (with sugar, carbonated water and root beer extract). sure, it looked yummy... but why?


"now that american idol is over," my mother said gloomily, "tv is so boring."

May 28, 2006


"... and they built stonehenge. one of the biggest henges in the world. no one's built a henge like that ever since. no one knows what the fuck a henge is. before stonehenge there was woodhenge and strawhenge. "
-eddie izzard

May 27, 2006

good ideas

potentially little britain
(we saw all of five minutes of an ep and there was a scene so funny i nearly cried)

finally giving the grissom-sara 'shippers something to squee about

stacy on what not to wear complimenting a girl for finally not wearing a skirt that's "so short you're giving away free slices"

May 26, 2006

bad ideas

guys gone wild

dance off pants off

i guess i am a prude, but really, this shit is not all that interesting. more cringeworthy than anything.

this is what we dream about

dammit, i have that stupid "do i make you proud?" song in my head. feh on taylor hicks and feh on the people who actually wrote that silly song.

May 24, 2006

logan's run

caught two minutes of a "sex and the city" ep on tbs last night. i have just this to say: chris noth has got it going on. yowza. i really like him on l&o:ci, so it's hilarious to think my last thought about him was, "you know, he does haggard really well."

May 17, 2006


why is christopher meloni doing commercials for noggin? not that i'm complaining...

paul: that guy!
me: do you know that guy?
paul: mm-hmm.
me: oh yeah, sorry, forgot you were a oz fan.

May 16, 2006


cam is very happy that taylor is on the verge of winning. i am resigned.

May 13, 2006


although i am definitely not a bug/lily 'shipper, i do have to admit to having a bit of an "awww" moment when they had their big scene in the season finale. swoon. meepy.


i will have to admit that there is one thing about babyfirst tv that is absolutely mesmerizing, and that is whenever the illustrator person draws something. initially all you see is a blank sheet of paper and then a hand with an arm attached to it just starts to draw (pastels, maybe?). it all just happens so quickly. first there's a curved line, then there's another curved line... and then lo and behold, you're looking at a pair of boots.

once you start watching it you just have to sit until the end. it is just that fascinating.

May 12, 2006

new tv

the babyfirst tv channel is painful to watch. thank god that this is just a special free preview for mother's day weekend or there will be the clawing out of eyes.

i know that paul is still a toddler, but i can't help but think that's he's too old for the stuff we've seen thus far on this new channel. but... he's been so interested that i can't bring myself to turn off the tv. for me, though, this is one tv trainwreck i can avoid.

May 11, 2006


did you watch the american idol elimination show last night? man, that was harsh the way ryan seacrest told chris he was out. i. loved. it. not that i had anything against chris, but that was just so well played.

May 9, 2006

not saying much

"that's like saying 'oh good, i've got syphilis -- the best of the sexually transmitted diseases.'"
-jeremy clarkson, top gear

May 4, 2006

incomplete education

you know, if it weren't for zoboomafoo, i would have gone through life never having heard of a capybara, an aye-aye or a coati. thank you, kratt brothers. (must also say thank you to chris kratt for being a nice bit of eye candy.)

but... i also have you to blame for paul's sudden interest in cows. he loves loves loves the bovine episode. in fact, he loves it so much that after we watch it, he wants me to get down on hands and knees so he can "milk" me. "mommy, play cow!" um, no? i have told cam that the next time the child wants to watch that particular ep, paul is all his.

May 3, 2006

he must have no fingernails left

so... elliott is safe another week. whew.

tivo no

was it just us, or did something really weird happen to our tv yesterday (and maybe the day before)?

last night i checked our recorded programs and saw eight episodes of l&o:svu. no description other than the standard "a special unit in new york investigates heinous crimes." i started going through the shows and four of them were identical. the other four were two pairs of the same episodes. i should have checked the dates and times before i deleted them, but i was so befuddled i didn't even think about it. l&o:ci was the same way. then i looked over at our blue's clues recordings and oddly enough, the two most recent ones were mislabeled. the most recent zoboomafoo recordings suddenly had titles and descriptions (hallelujah).

today the l&o shows still don't have descriptions, but at least they aren't dupe-recording again. i can accept that something might be going on with the usa network, but why were noggin and pbs kids affected, too?

April 27, 2006


on a brighter note, i've decided that as soon as elliott yamin puts out a cd, i'll be buying a copy.

April 14, 2006

another damned teen show

good lord. tim rozon from "instant star" is so pretty-pretty you just want to say, "leave that skinny blond babygirl alone and snuggle yourself up to someone closer to your own age, eh?"

April 11, 2006

unfriendly competition

"pros vs. joes" is a bit of a trainwreck. i don't find anyone particularly likeable on that show. the pros spend too much time reassuring each other that even after all this time their shit still don't stink. the joes are such trash-talking bastards that it's disappointing one of them has to win. looking for the lesser of three evils to root for is hardly the most productive way to spend an hour. sometimes the events are just plain strange. the soccer+golf thing? weird. holding your breath underwater for the longest amount of time? creepy.

petros is just petros. he says things that baffle and amuse, astonish and confuse (cam had me listen to a snippet of petros talking about degrassi, which he says is a good show to watch if you're lonely like him. it's full of canadian kids doing stupid things and saying "aboot" and something else funny i can't remember. i think i actually snorted at that.). i read today on a message board that petros is "a very shady usc booster who has used his family's greek restaurant to lure (read: pay/use sex) recruits to fig tech. not good." huh? gotta love how apparently papadakis taverna -- which is really close to my house -- is actually a bordello. next time we go eat there i'll be sure to ask for the belly dancer for a little something something on the side. ye gods. i don't know the man from adam, but i don't exactly see this happening.

anyway, back to "pros vs. joes." it's on, i listen (sort of), i peek over the side of my laptop, i ask cam, "what happened? i wasn't paying attention." sometimes i sing songs in my head to block out the talking, the endless talking. but honestly, there are worse things to be watching.

April 10, 2006


i never knew what they were called until this moment. a digital on-screen graphic (d.o.g. -- also known as a bug, apparently) is that thing in the corner of your tv screen letting you know what channel you're watching. the first time i saw these, i thought they were neat, but as they have gradually become more and more obtrusive, i find myself annoyed by them.

the national geographic one is cool -- it's their golden rectangle, right off the cover of their magazine. it's instantly familiar, although, as cam and i realized, having an empty rectangle as a logo can be a little confusing because if you end up on that channel without thinking, you may find yourself staring at the rectangle and wondering what you're supposed to be looking at.

the worst, worst offender (to me, anyway) would have to be noggin. nick, jr. is kind of irritating, too, because they have a rotating series of them -- and they move -- and some of them are far too big. but noggin, oh my god, noggin has these huge, huge, huge logos (which change with the seasons) that regularly obscure the entire bottom right corner (haven't seen a left corner one in a while). when you're watching blue's clues, as we so often are in our household, you sometimes miss clues because they are hidden behind that goddamned logo. sometimes it's funny (like when mr. salt stepped behind a large snowman), but most of the time it's just an annoyance. a big cute wacky annoyance.

April 9, 2006

street smarts

my idea of educational programming? top gear and mythbusters. i can't even begin to express the joy paul showed when adam and jamie dropped a cadillac from the sky. and jeremy setting a truck on fire? sweet. "fire," said paul with obvious delight.

April 8, 2006

wet skin

saw a rather disturbing ep of zoboomafoo yesterday. i looked up and chris and martin were apparently naked together in a bathtub. i backed up the episode (thank god for tivo) and saw that they were in shorts in a hot tub because they were trying to simulate a hot springs pool for a japanese macaque (who was also in the hot tub with them). not outside the realm of the zoboomafoo world, i guess, but it just reinforces my feeling that this show is only marginally for children.

March 31, 2006

reliving teen dramas that were never actually mine

am having the hardest time staying away from "high school musical" and "degrassi: the next generation." dammit.

February 27, 2006

new skins

in the snake ep of zoboomafoo, the puppet lemur made the kratt brothers behave like snakes and shed: "zoboo, why don't you tell a story from zobooland while we get into our new skins... i mean clothes!" laughed chris. hm. who is this show for, anyway?

February 23, 2006


cam was watching a few minutes of the muppet show. kermit was drinking milk from a glass through a straw. the level of milk was actually dropping. "think about this," kermit said, then went on to interact with other puppets. now, if i had been drinking milk at the time, it would have come out of my nose.


before today's ep of blue's clues was some sort of message about how watching this show improves metacognition or something like that. i have never heard this word before. is it new? it sounds very jargony.

February 17, 2006

leaping lemurs

we've been watching a lot of zoboomafoo lately. weird vibes. i know they are brothers and this is a show for preschoolers, but there is... something kinky about this show. that's all i can say. mud, water, a closet... i am baffled and titillated at the same time.

paul just likes it when the lemur eats, burps, spins and jumps (usually in the first five minutes of the show). he tells me which episode he wants to watch by the snack the brothers give zoboo to make him talk. "watch apple," says paul decisively, leaving me to think frantically, "apple? apple? which one is that?"

February 2, 2006


watched the episode of blue's clues today introducing miranda, magenta's owner/roommate. she bugged the first time i saw her ("magenta gets glasses"), but this time she was much more tolerable. shocking, i know.

December 31, 2005


when the family car gets dirty
there's a place that you can go
just be sure to close your doors
and roll up the windows
it'll pull you in
and bubble you up
and spray you down
and dry you off
at the car wash

blech. just had to get that out of my head. i have seen "blue's big car trip" countless times in the last week or so. "would you be upset if i accidentally deleted that episode?" asked cam.

cam won't even watch it anymore, so i watch it with paul. tonight we saw it twice within an hour and a half. "at least you love the show," cam says. hello?! it's a joe episode. JOE. now if this were a steve ep, that would be something.

December 19, 2005


in an episode of blue's clues, we learned how blue came to live with steve, et al. it was disconcerting, to say the least. bothersome, even. i have these questions:

1) where are steve and joe's parents?

2) where did joe go? if he was in the house as a baby, when did he leave?

3) how can mr. salt and mrs. pepper be so [occasionally] dippy if they have been able to successfully raise two humans and assorted, um, household objects from birth or near-birth?

4) how old is blue? she has been a puppy for at least 20 years.

i know i've been thinking about this too much, but i think if you watched several years' worth of eps in a matter of months you'd feel the same.

November 21, 2005

the midget is the baby's daddy

last night cam and i watched "trapped in the closet," chapters 1-12. we bought the dvd on saturday at best buy.

i don't think i could have watched it completely sober.

November 18, 2005


oh my lord, the end of csi was so sad! cam admitted to trying to talk through it because he knew it was going to be really heartbreaking, but it didn't work -- i was still a teary mess by the end.

like dark chocolate

goren: i am an acquired taste.

October 22, 2005


learned tonight that three coincidences = conspiracy. i love me some bobby goren.

October 4, 2005


had the most insane dream last night. i was a mormon fundamentalist (is there such a thing as a filipino mormon fundamentalist?) and the 15th wife of vincent d'onofrio. he kept doing that bendy-twisty thing he does on l&o: ci. it was a little disconcerting.

October 3, 2005


watched the "jones" ep of l&o: ci this weekend, and i hate to say this, but that smarmy little attorney fixated on petite women -- griffin dunne? -- totally reminded me of someone i know.

October 1, 2005

hot mess

saturdays should be for errands, but today we appear to be committed to watching the trainwreck that is the "making the band 3" marathon on mtv. (that and being unwashed. i've been talking about taking a shower for hours now.) every once in a while someone will say, "okay, what are we doing?" but we haven't yet come up with anything more interesting than sitting in the living room and watching really poorly dressed girls sing and dance and live through manufactured drama. good times all around.

September 13, 2005

of course i watched the indy game on sunday

it was good.

September 9, 2005

i make no such promises re steve!

i'm pretty bummed. my steve (love!) burns cd seems to be lost forever. we had it in the car with us during the accident and i just have no idea what happened to it. cam says just to order another one, but i'm feeling doubly guilty because i was kind of mean to cam when he offered to copy the cd to his ipod. the boy and i were playing and cam kept leaving the room, so i accused him of looking for excuses to not stay and play with us.

yeah. i don't get that, either. oh well.

one nice thing about the cd issue is that the accident meant all cds from the car had to come into the house. (always looking on the bright side, that's me.) cam has a nasty habit of putting cds into any old case he finds, so i wasn't surprised to find our andrew denton musical challenge cd in the keane case. (sigh) i was able to finally match some cases to cds, so i was pretty pleased. i really need to do a sweep of our cds and put them in some sort of order. we have shelves for them, but any pretense of order was lost when paul became mobile.

i like thinking about when i was a kid and was absopositively determined that tapes were the way to go. when i was 12 and got both madonna's "true blue" and whitney houston's first album on tape i thought i was rad. then when my parents bought our ridiculously large cd player at my brother's request not long afterwards i thought they were all loons. funny how that works out. now i am continuing to buy cds in the face of cam's obvious delight with itunes. one day i'll give in, i'm sure, but if that happens, what will i do with all of our cd shelves?

August 26, 2005

please stop making that face

last night cam could not stay awake, so i sat up with the boy. of course we watched blue's clues. but i don't discriminate – we watched joe eps, too! (in fact, we learned that blue has better handwriting than joe.) i was a little concerned when i saw lisa kudrow referenced in the listing for one of the steve eps – the one where cinnamon is born – so i was relieved to see that lisa provided the voice for the doctor. i don't want any other humans on that show.

one of the joe eps really bugged, and i'm not saying that just because i love steve. but then again, maybe i am? it is a matter of suffering by comparison, so yeah, i take it back. i love steve. he has earned the right to be referred to as "steve (love!)" so maybe i shouldn't even be talking about joe because i'm just going to say that he sucks, right? (wow, i just confused myself.) anyway, i normally don't have a problem with joe aside from the heavy pancake makeup. really. i mean it. (steve (love!) has some heavy-duty makeup issues, too. when his hair is really short and his eyes are all done up, i want him to sing "tainted love" for me.) but in this ep we watched, he:

1) wore a green shirt.
2) mugged far more than usual
3) could not figure out the word "joe"

sigh. i don't have a problem with his singing. i want to like him. he skidoos excellently well and i actually have to admit the way he wails "mail" is a little more pleasant for me than steve's (love!) grover-esque one. i think maybe it all comes down to the exaggerated confusion. steve (love!) usually has a "huh" look on his face. sort of like, "hm, hadn't thought of that. interesting." but joe is "huh? huh? HUH?" words fail.

August 25, 2005


the other day i tried out an experiment. i told my mom, hey, there’s a filipino guy on rock star: inxs.

hey presto! now my mom wants to watch. gotta love that ethnic curiosity. at least she didn’t vote for jasmine trias.

August 24, 2005

see ya lateh, sweet potatah

we only watched one ep of blue’s clues last night and it was a joe ep! feh.

August 23, 2005

too... much... children's programming...

it’s a good thing paul likes blue’s clues or i’d look like a total freak watching it by myself.

that said, there was absolutely no need whatsoever to watch seven episodes last night. he watched every tivo’d ep we had. there were more joe eps than steve ones. boo.

August 21, 2005

bring it on home to itunes

i am sort of ashamed to admit that i have rock star: inxs to thank for my most recent music purchase. last week suzie had to sing “bring it on home to me” and i loved it. so we found the original sam cooke version on itunes and loved that as well. now i am the proud owner of sam cooke’s “portrait of a legend 1951-1964.” it’s lovely.

August 17, 2005

what good is a memory if you can't do this?

my memory may not be all that great for important stuff (don’t ask me my son’s social security number), but it’s good enough for all sorts of fun not-so-critical stuff.

case in point:

we were watching an ep of ncis last night. “conspiracy theory.” i looked at two women in a car and declared that the redhead’s name was tammy from two eps of csi. i said something along the lines of “there was a girl and she was kidnapped by her babysitter and then she grew up and killed her ‘dad’ during a robbery...” the other woman, i looked at her mouth and said that i thought she was the little girl from “hotel new hampshire.”

ding ding ding! confirmed ‘em both this morning.

i so totally rock.

August 13, 2005

ice the kicker segment

you know, i really enjoy those strange little nfl films shows on the nfl network. i totally prefer watching those to say, most of my son’s favorite cartoons. but i do very much dislike that segment on kickers. that stupid wussy voiceover has to go. not that i have any particular love for kickers, but still.

August 8, 2005

am i that shy?

eames: shy guy. as shy as a kid in short pants. (l&o:ci “want”)

the hell? what does that mean? cam and i had to pause the episode to look at each other and say, “what?”

July 11, 2005

i'm watching it for the drama.

have been watching (and enjoying) “stripsearch.” but i must know:

1) are there really this many guys in the united states wanting to be strippers?
2) where did they find such cunty guys?
3) is ryan ever going to get his comeuppance? what a little bitch that boy is.
4) would anyone want to go to this show?
5) do women dream of getting hot twin guy action?

someone watches too much thomas

“you have caused confusion and delay!” said sir topham hatt sternly.

pirates are smart

the pirate parrot tells boots and dora (the explorer) to put the blue key in dora’s backpack for safekeeping.
me: finally! that’s smart.
cam: well, you don’t lose a leg and an eye without learning a little something about life.

July 5, 2005

who would have guessed he'd grow up so nicely?

jerry o’connell is hot. man. i love him in “crossing jordan.” so goofy yet so delectable. if i wanted a tv boyfriend, it would be him. i used to feel this way about george eads on csi, but looking at him lately, i fear that i outweigh him.

June 16, 2005

dance, boxer, dance

i cannot watch evander holyfield fight. i just can’t. i haven’t been able to watch him in years because i’ve just been afraid that he might just keel over and die in the middle of a fight.

however, i sure can watch him dance! how sad we were when he got cut from “dancing with the stars.” (but i was secretly glad because he wouldn’t have to hear mean comments from the judges anymore.)

June 12, 2005

wiggle lust

i love the wiggles. i just love them and their cute little songs and cute little dances.

we went to see them in concert not too long ago. it was fun and the boy enjoyed as much as he could before his attention span just wore out. me, i just really wanted to see anthony and captain feathersword. i find them almost embarrassingly hot. anthony wasn’t so cute in the early days of the show, but man, he has aged well. and captain feathersword? i saw a picture of him sans hat once (but with the earrings, of course) and he was smokin’. damn.

cam finds it a little creepy that i consider these children’s entertainers lustworthy, but hey, whatever gets one through the day, you know? if i am going to have watch these shows, i might as well enjoy them.

June 6, 2005

i love her for her mind. really.


i love rachel perry. just love her. perhaps she’s a bit too tattooed for my taste, but i love her anyway. her sense of humor, her fabulous hair…. sigh. (from various websites i am learning that i might be the sole person on earth with a fondness for her. excepting those guys just into tattoos on hot chicks, of course.) i used to watch her religiously on vh1 top 20 video countdown, but lost the habit when i lost the tv bug (maybe when paul was newly mobile?). but recently i discovered her again on a new vh1 show about a male dance revue.

male strippers. rachel perry. what’s not to like?

May 27, 2005

just shave already

i used to love hal sparks – first season queer as folk he was adorable and dorky. then he got whiny (and the show wasn’t exactly faring so well, either) so we quit watching. since then watching him absolutely anywhere is a trial. it’s a shame.

a few years back television without pity had a contest (a pixel challenge, for those of you familiar with twop) in which entrants were supposed to combine two tv shows a la photoshop and come up with an ad or something for a new show that would be greater than the sum of its parts. we had two favorites – “queer as smallville” and “so straight it hurts” (or at least that’s what i think it was called). the first, self-explanatory. the second was basically about two actors, hal sparks and kerr smith. both played gay men on tv and apparently both went to amazing, astonishing lengths to let the viewing public know that they were really the straightest men on earth. so to this day, whenever we see hal sparks doing anything, all i can think is, “man. so straight it hurts.”

vh1 is one of my favorite channels, and i love those strange little compilation comedy-esque things they do. i can spend days watching “i love some random decade” because they’re fun, they’re the tv equivalent of veggie chips from trader joe’s (open a bag, eat one. eat another. give the baby one. eat another. wrestle the baby for whatever is left in the bag.). but whenever hal sparks comes on, i just want to cringe! (stop it, michael. brian will never love you if you keep talking like that.) but i must be the only person on earth to feel this way because hal sparks is ubiquitous, omnipresent. with that damn foolish soul patch thing.

the other night we rather randomly found ourselves watching something on g4. (yeah.) it was a strange show where a three-person panel weighed in on the various merits of video game women. of course, it was hosted by hal sparks. total trainwreck. we couldn’t look away. (i personally was impressed by the jiggly verisimilitude. thank god for tivo because i made cam back up three times just to watch a little jiggle. “oh my lord, did you see that?”) i felt so embarrassed for him. he looked uncomfortable, he sounded like crap, his jokes were icky… i just couldn’t believe that this strange little man was once my beloved michael. so sad. such a waste.



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